Website Accessibility


We want our website to be accessible for everyone and to be an enjoyable experience. Therefore we have provided supportive information to help you make changes to your computer to make browsing easier should you feel necessary.

How to change your computer settings

To see how to change your computer's settings to make browsing the internet a better experience for you, visit the My Web My Way site at Here you can see how to change the way you see, hear and use a website and how you can change these options in your internet browser.

This site has been developed by the BBC and AbilityNet and includes useful up-to-date information on how to change browser settings for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

For more information visit My Web My Way

Finding the information you want to find

At Spitfire Marketing we carefully plan and design our websites to make it easy for you to find the information you need. If for any reason you can’t find what you are looking for, there is a site map in most of our sites or alternatively please view the contact information page.

For visitors using a screen reader

Our sites are designed to work with screen readers for visitors not using a traditional browser. We use ‘ALT tags’ to describe images and also descriptive links (e.g. Not ‘Click here’) so you know what content the link will take you to. We also don't use frames as these are difficult for screen readers and certain browsers to interpret.


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